Todd was born among the golden wheat fields of Saskatchewan. Raised by a carpenter and an electronic technician, he became fond of the hands-on approach. He cultivated his passion for photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and in 2002 moved to Toronto for the reaping. Inspired by many great image-makers, he has a fascination with visuals that combine different disciplines. Todd enjoys creating his visuals in studio and on location.

Todd's latest series “Things Come Apart” explores the material world around us. Disassembling and laying out the pieces of each objects and then in a second frame, releasing them from the confines of structure to visualize both the complexity and simplicity of modern and classic pieces. The series brings to mind the consumption of technology in our everyday lives. "Things Come Apart 2.0has been published by Thames & Hudson and released in 2019.

For more of Todd's work please visit toddmclellan.com